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We launch EO missions 20x faster and 15x cheaper, using our hardware and sensors in space.

Our platform democratizes space access, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to participate in the space economy and drive innovation.

Pay as you go EO

Pay for the min of usage with no contract. It pays to have efficient software

Line of Sight IoT

Our partners use MÖBIUS SDS to close the latency gap in their IoT solutions

Space Apps Market

Browse and discover solutions from a library of pre-built & ready to deploy apps by our partner devs

Our Purpose

To enable a world where space intelligence is an accessible and mainstream avenue for solving problems and building solutions on earth.

World's 1st Shared Access Constellation

Customers can deploy their own software aboard our satellites and collect data for limitless applications at an affordable pay-per-use model.


join the GALAXIA atmosphere to stay up-to-date.

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