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HALIFAX, March 27, 2023 --In November, 2022 GALAXIA announced the exciting news that we had been awarded a contract with the Department of National Defense, (DND) to develop and pilot our proprietary FaLCONN (Fast and Light Convolutional Neural Network) Technology.


Our team has been hard at work developing this software and building out this network and we are pleased to announce that on February 16, 2023, after a review of our progress we received approval from DND to continue developing the network.


We are proud to have achieved the goals for milestone one of the project, meaning all tests were completed and successful. Our team is now beginning work on milestone two which will involve further developing this technology and providing our findings to DND.


Q: What is FaLCONN and how does it work?
A: FaLCONN is one of GALAXIA’s proprietary products built with AI technology. FaLCONN is an AI program that can detect changes on Earth in-orbit by analyzing satellite imagery. The model can be trained and customized based on training data and information that it is given by the operator. FaLCONN has been optimized to detect specific changes in landscapes over extended periods of time.

Q: What can this technology be used for?
A: FaLCONN in conjunction with our software defined satellite framework MÖBIUS, can persistently monitor vast areas of land, and extract vital intelligence fast. In addition to defense, FaLCONN has uses in other industry sectors, such as energy, mining, transportation, and ocean research.


GALAXIA Mission Systems, is a Canadian-owned, space computation company, making real-time space access simple, effortless and more accessible than ever before. Through the development of innovative products and groundbreaking technology, GALAXIA is redefining how data can be collected and processed from space and who has access to it. Driven by their mission to democratize space, GALAXIA is disrupting current industry practices by breaking down the barriers that small to medium sized businesses face and paving the way with sophisticated technology and a unique pay-per-use business model.

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